Ways To Keep Your Pet Stress-Free & Healthy

Most of us have experienced the feeling of being stress; the painful stomach cramps and head throbbing are just some of the side effects that worry can have; but have you ever thought of how dogs deal with stress? It could be the smallest thing that sets your pooch off, like not getting fed frequently; and that’s why we must stress the importance of remaining observant of the behaviour of our pets.

While it seems like dogs may not have a care in the world; they don’t need to work, pay bills, or send children to school, they can often still have a number of worries, and must be carefully looked after in order to live a healthy and positive life. Different breeds have a range of needs, so we recommend you adjust your activities to suit their requests.

Below are some of the signs to look for when a dog isn’t their normal self.

• Panting
• Extreme Barking & Complaining
• Aggression/ Pacing
• Excessive Licking
• Digging
• Chewing/Biting Leash
• Shedding
• Dandruff
• Sweaty Paws
• Red Eyes/ Dilated Pupils
• Foam Drool
• Tense Muscles
• Bloating
• Excessive Tail Wagging
•Shivering (When It’s Not Cold)

There are a number of signs to look out for when a dog isn’t feeling 100%; from diarrhea, to vomiting, sweaty paws and dilated pupils. The more we pay attention and understand the factors that can lead to stress, the more equipped you are to get your dog back looking and acting great.

From having to go to the Vet for a check-up, or for an appointment at the salon with a dog groomer, this can aggravate a range of emotions, so we strongly encourage you to dedicate a specific amount of time for your dog, in order to get their mind of stressful times.

We recognise that all dogs respond differently to situations, and call upon the owners to really get to know their pets so that they can provide maximum assistance at all times. You know your dog better than anyone, and sometimes all it takes is to have a gut feeling in order to know that something isn’t right.

Whether it is Christmas time and there is going to a lot of people at your home, or you’re moving house, having comfortable and familiar elements in the dog’s surroundings will guarantee that the feel at ease.

If you want to put your mind at ease, contact a Vet today. If you would like a professional dog groomer to thoroughly transform your pooch, contact your nearest team today.