The Dog Mob

We know how much your precious pooch means to you, as owners, we want to do everything possible to make our reliable companions happy. The Dog Mob is the ultimate service for those seeking some pampering for their dogs. Our convenient services involve our specialists bringing everything to you, as our mobile dog grooming services ensure that all furry ones are receiving the right attention and personal grooming assistance.

Whether your pooch is in need of a Hydrobath, or is just deserving of some pampering, rest assure that we know what it means to provide impeccable services, and respond accordingly. With our extensive experience, there is not a more established and focused team to ensure that your dog is receiving everything it needs to thrive.

Our services are organised to benefit our clients, with our practices designed to efficiently ensure that all pooches are comfortable, and receive the most out of the service. Long haired, small, medium, large, long haired; we’re incredibly flexible and incorporate the latest techniques and tools to ensure that a flawless result is achieved.

We’re here to clean up your act! All dogs and their owners will be treated with the maximum amount of love and care. Treat your dog to the very best, our affordable services enable those pooches to experience our attentive assistance every so often.

Customising all services to suit the needs of our clients, we don’t discriminate, and display all of the love and attentiveness

•Mobile Dog Washing & Grooming
• Hydrobath
• Mobile Dog Grooming
• Natural Products for Dog Washing
• Dog Washing
• Ear Cleaning
• Eye Cleaning
• Dog Brushing
• Removing Knots
• Towel Dried & Blow Dried
• Skin Checks

If you’re situated in the Berwick region, and require a hands-on dog groomer, contact The Dog Mob today!