Dogs and Motion Sickness Tricks and Tips

Does your dog get car sick?  I have 2 dogs, one is 6 years old and the other is 1.  My 6 year old dog loves the car, jumps in happy as Larry, sticks his head out the window and couldn’t be happier.  The younger one shakes, cries and is often sick.  Motion sickness often affects puppies, common signs of motion sickness include; inactivity, listlessness, uneasiness, excessive yawning, whining, excessive drooling and vomiting.  As I like to go on holidays with my dogs and take them to the beach having a dog that gets motion sickness is not ideal.  Here are a few tips and tricks to stop your pup from getting motion sickness.


Short Trips.

If your dog gets car sick try taking them on shorter trips to help them get used to the motion.  Drive around the block with the windows open so they have fresh air.  Start out by not driving anywhere at all then extend the trips by a few minutes each time until your pup stops showing signs of sickness.

Riding up Front.

If your dog is sick move them to the front of the car and if they will stay, the floor.  The floor because they cant see the other cars, trees and world flashing by and to the front as their is less motion.  I have found this to be a very effective and simple way to combat motion sickness.



Try both air conditioning and open windows.  Fresh air makes pups and people feel better and is a quick a simple solution.


Change Cars.

Now this may not be available but try to see if changing cars helps eliminate sickness.  A lot of the time car sickness is mental.  Trips can be associated with bad experiences – trips to the vet, being removed from their mother etc.  If they only get sick in one car you know its not motion sickness but more of an emotional fear.

Toys and Bedding.

If your dog shows signs of sickness that don’t include vomiting or excessive drooling (as it’s messy) then put their bedding or favorite toys in the car to help relax and distract them.

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Food and Water.

This may seem a little mean but not feeding our allowing your dog to drink before a drive helps to stop the mess.  This is fine for a trip to the beach or a short drive to the dog park but if you are planning on driving for extended periods of time your furry friend will need to eat and drink.  I have found a great recipe for ginger snaps for dogs.  This may seem a little strange but ginger root helps to calm tummies in people and dogs.  Whip these up a day before your trip and feed them to your dog one hour before a drive.  I now make these every time I take a long trip and they work a treat, my pups also think they are getting treats so everybody wins!

Brown Paper Bags.

This is a more bizarre method but is very effective.  Lay brown paper bags underneath your dog.  I’m not sure why this works – the smell, the sound, the feel? But it does!  Try putting it under a towel or bedding for extra comfort.

Boxer Puppy in Rear Seat of Car


If none of the above remedies work you can buy car sickness and anti nausea medication for dogs.  Medicating your dog should only be tried if all other remedies don’t work.  Be sure to speak to your vet before giving your dog any drugs.

Please give all these methods a go and let me know if it helps your pooch.  If you have any other tips on stopping your dog from getting car sick I’d love to hear about them too.